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Trinnie Houghton

I am fascinated about the way people think.  In particular, I'm interested in things like "What keeps us in a learning mode?,"  "How do we stay the distance?,"  and "What gets us up again when things surprise us?"  Ultimately, I'm a student of courage, agility, grit, perseverance, resilience, and gratitude. 


I'm also just simply fascinated by people.  I grew up spending a good deal of time in Germany, studied in France, and love languages.  So I feel a special connection with people trying to understand each other, whether it be my European and American families, my clients, my three kids, the bear in my backyard (for real), or in my own personal relationships. 

About 15 years ago, I decided to leave working at one of the best of Boston law firms and forge a career path in something I love.  This became blazingly clear after working at my firm in a career of litigation, but finding the best parts of my day were when people came into my office, telling me about all kinds of things in their lives - both professional and personal wins and worries.  So I followed what I loved to do and, for the last 10 years, have run an executive, leadership, and organizational coaching practice.  I've worked with clients across the span of the globe - from California to Asia with large stops in New England and Chicago - and love the variety of the industries I coach and travel.


Over the years, I have come to specialize in systems thinking (think ecosystems) and communication strategies. I believe in making a profit and in bringing out the best in people, and therefore, have seemed to attract these kinds of "conscious companies."  These companies care about their people and making sustainable-generation-to-generation profit. 


I believe that leadership effectiveness is not a slogan, but a practice.  It's looking at development from inside out.  While there's the internal component, we also can't do it alone.  So it's also about building the muscle to effectively engage people around us.  How do we maximize our ecosystems to support us?

I bring expertise in leadership effectiveness, team and organizational development, relationship management, and culture.  I also bring expertise in facilitation of strategic plans, and in conflict management.  To do this effectively, I partner with other coaching firms with similar values.  Collectively, we do far more together.  And our clients get a better product with more minds thinking on it.

When I'm not doing what I love to do professionally, I spend my days with my 3 beautiful children who teach me everything I've always wanted to learn.  They are the love and joy of my life.  I also spend time hiking the mountains of New Hampshire, traveling, and finding adventure.


Founder & CEO

Trinnie Houghton




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