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Optimizing the way you work together. 

Connected.  For real.


Beyond team building, team coaching focuses on how effectively you work together.  Executive teams, senior leadership, or specific department teams use the team-coaching format to focus on how they lead and operate. Designed for intact corporate teams and business partnerships.

This process typically includes a 360 team assessment, The Leadership Culture Survey, which analyzes the current state of the team.  It then compares it to its future state.  Monthly coaching sessions follow, with content, group exercises, and action plans.  We also address real-time challenges that affect the team and develop solutions to resolve them.

“We love your way of being, your listening and understanding, your incredible ability to notice everything that happens, and everything that doesn’t.  We notice and love the way you put your soul into working with us and we trust you totally.  We are enormously grateful for all you are doing to make our “system” flourish and improve." – KH & AH  Stockholm, Sweden

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