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Advisory Groups

When you want your peers

to tell you like it is.

Solving Complex Problems.  Together.

This is not any old peer group.  It's an exceptional one.  Aligned in values.  Committed to personal and professional growth. 

An exceptional Peer Advisory Group requires exceptional people.  You care about profit - and making a good one.   You care about your people - and are committed to their development.  Because you are 100% committed to yours.

It also requires expert facilitation.  With certifications in executive and organizational coaching and years of experience in team dynamics, we don't mess around.  We get to the heart of the issue.  Fast.

Who should consider joining a Peer Advisory Group?  Small business CEOs and senior executives who prefer a group format and the input of others from different industries.  For those who have fulfilling professional lives, and often no one to talk to about these kinds of issues:

  • Time for strategic thinking

  • Time for family, health, and personal pursuits

  • Retaining the right talent

  • Aligning employees

  • Having a trusted sounding board and someone to provide real feedback


Group members meet monthly for a half-day to process their most complex issues.  They also acquire cutting edge content for their leadership.  To solve complex problems, we must be able to change our thinking.  Who helps you?


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