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 Personalized attention to really run with it.

Private.  Unvarnished.  Committed to you. 


In one-to-one sessions, we explore your specific challenges more deeply.  We listen and challenge your thinking.  We hold you accountable to the goals you set so that your growth is in results you can see.

Our process typically follows a three-step model.  We begin with discovery and a 360 Leadership Circle Profile feedback assessment.  We develop an action planning guide, specific to certain focus areas and outcomes.  We hold monthly coaching meetings.  For our corporate clients, it's important that everyone is on the same page.  Sponsors are also integrated so that actions and outcomes are aligned. 

“In an increasingly competitive job world, it’s essential for executives to understanding their strengths and weaknesses, have a clear vision of who they are and what they offer, and a plan in place to grow their emotional intelligence.  I feel that I’ve grown both as a person and as a professional and that I’ve benefitted manifold.”  - KB, Washington DC

"I know that most small business owners are easily consumed by the daily operations of running a business.  Having a business coach allows me to take some structured time during my busy week to focus on the vision and mission of my business.  That focus has led to a more rewarding business and family life.”  - PW, North Carolina

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