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Are You Playing To Win or Playing Not to Lose?

How effectively do you lead? The Leadership Circle Profile™, a 360 feedback assessment that measures both leadership competencies and the beliefs that drive them, breaks down leadership effectiveness into two general stances: reactive and creative.

We lead reactively when we play not to lose. We react to a problem or threat by controlling, protecting or complying with it. Over time, statistics show that our leadership effectiveness is inconsistent at best.

When we play to win, we lead creatively. We act by relating to each other, becoming self-aware, being authentic, developing systems awareness and achieving our goals. Over time, statistics show our leadership is consistently more effective.

If we know that we lead more effectively when we play to win, what keeps us stuck in playing to lose?

It begins with looking at our inner story. Our beliefs about why we react in certain ways. What the story says about us or why it is a problem for us and what it is costing us.

For example, I might aim to please because I believe that people will like me this way and that I am valuable or worthy by complying with them. Or I might overly control a situation because I believe my worth is measured by getting things done just right. The problem is this kind of focus – playing not to lose — is exhausting, causes burnout and is not sustainable over time.

We then ask ourselves what other beliefs might best serve us? How might our vision and direction be better served by another story about ourselves? And what specific area, if identified creatively, would cause the greatest shift in effectiveness?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ goes far deeper into each of these stances, and specifically uncovers behaviors and beliefs where we might focus our leadership efforts to reach sustained effectiveness.

Sojourn Partners is certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile™ to individuals and The Leadership Culture Survey™ to teams for greater leadership effectiveness.

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