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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

We focus on our physical health. We join a gym. We wear Fitbits. We run. We stretch. We avoid greasy food and dessert. (Well, not always on that dessert part.)

But what about our minds? Aren’t they equally as important?

Like eating desserts, we indulge our fantasies – both our greatest dreams and our darkest places. Maybe we don’t tell too many people about them (What would they think? Would they laugh? Would they be disappointed?). Or maybe we do – and manage the inner critics that say we cannot do something or be in a certain way.

Our capabilities, our worth, our innate ability to achieve our dreams egg us on. Our inner critics keep us safe, but fail to give us permission to move in the direction of the unknown. The push-pull of making our way through a comfort zone.

The other day, I found myself stressing about work details or how my motherhood was at issue. Basically dissing myself up one side and down the other. I didn’t like the downward spiraling, sucking feeling, but there I was. Completely mired in it.

How easy it is for me to judge myself there. To jump to conclusions. To assume the worst. Like new snow, my tracks are fresh and yet strangely so familiar. This is a place I know well.

In these blogs, we write about ways we think about things. Our mindsets. Research shows that we believe is directly linked to what we do or how we show up. For example, when we start believing that we are not (fill in the blank) enough, guess what? We act that way. So I’m on a mission to exercise my mind. To keep it healthy. Not preventing myself from indulging in negative thought patterns. But making it okay to. And know I can bring my healthy mind back to notice that I am doing that.

How to practice a healthy mind? One way is to begin a mindfulness practice – and it can begin with meditation. It is the easiest way to train our minds to maintain a healthy discourse with ourselves.

To get started, or restarted for the umpteenth time (if you’re like me), check out, a “gym membership for the mind,” for short their “Take10” – a free daily 10-minute very cool guided meditations. Or join our many clients in group meditations. And join me in developing a healthy mind practice.

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